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  • The updated BRT shelter design
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A map shows the full I-405 project corridor
View the map above to see the full I-405 project corridor and station locations! | Click or tap to enlarge

Who is Sound Transit?

Sound Transit plans, builds and operates regional transit service throughout the urban areas of Pierce, King and Snohomish counties so that people can get to where they’re going, safely and economically. Our transit services include Link light rail, Sounder trains, ST Express bus, Tacoma Link light rail, and soon, Stride bus rapid transit.

An image shows several people boarding a Sound Transit double-decker bus at a transit station.
Riders entering a Sound Transit bus

What is bus rapid transit?

Bus rapid transit (BRT) is a high-capacity transit system that provides fast, frequent, accessible and reliable high-capacity bus service with features like off-board fare payment, improved bus stations, specialized buses, and all-door bus entry and exit. BRT will be implemented in the I-405 and SR 518 corridors and on SR 522/NE 145th Street, and will be known as Stride BRT. In addition, a new bus base in the Bothell area will support both Stride BRT service and ST Express bus service.

Stride BRT service on I-405 includes:

  • Two lines, Lynnwood to Bellevue and Burien to Bellevue
  • One new transit center in South Renton and 11 Stride BRT stations
  • Added parking at three stations
  • Connections to Link light rail at Lynnwood, Bellevue and Tukwila
  • Connections to local King County Metro and Community Transit service

Learn more about the background of the project

A graphic with four illustrated images descibing BRT.
A map shows the full I-405 project corridor
A map of the I-405 BRT project corridor

BRT speed & reliability improvements

Stride BRT is getting faster! In 2019, the Washington State Legislature approved funding for expanding the express toll lanes (ETLs) north on I-405 by 2024. The Stride BRT buses will use these lanes to bypass traffic and save about 24 minutes on each trip from Lynnwood to Bellevue compared to average existing ST Express bus travel times.

In the south end, Stride BRT buses will run in new ETLs to be built as a part of the I-405 - Renton to Bellevue Widening and Express Toll Lanes project. This, in addition to further speed and reliability improvements, will save Stride BRT riders about 17 minutes on each trip from Burien to Bellevue compared to average existing ST Express bus travel times.

I-405 Stride BRT will ultimately be able to travel in ETLs between Bothell and Renton. The team will continue to work on corridor improvements that keep the Stride BRT buses out of traffic.

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Learn more about the updates that improved I-405 BRT travel times

AM Peak hour travel times to Bellevue

Two graphics show the comparative time saves of I-405 BRT.
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*Preliminary travel time estimates for planning purposes, subject to change. Existing travel times are average times. Year 2025 estimates assume new ETLs are open between Renton to Bellevue. Updated information will be provided prior to beginning service.

Environmental review

We’re getting ready to conduct environmental review for the I-405 Stride BRT Project. This work will involve completing a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) checklist and a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Documented Categorical Exclusion. Both of these important environmental review processes examine the possible environmental impacts associated with the project.

An image shows five people standing outdoors during the daytime on a concrete bridge currently under construction.
Sound Transit staff conducting field work

Station area updates

We are moving forward with the Stride BRT station area designs and concepts. Click below to see the latest information for each station.

An image shows several people in an office space, with two people examining large aerial maps on a table and placing notes on the maps.
A project team member and community member discussing improvements for I-405 BRT station areas.

What will the BRT shelter look like?

We’ve updated the preliminary design of the Stride BRT station. Changes to the station include:

  • An updated pylon with illuminated identification during the day and night
  • An updated variable message sign (VMS) to display real-time information on bus arrivals/departures
  • Framed canopy and windscreens for waiting riders' comfort and safety
  • The addition of Stride wave colors gold, teal and light gray
  • Space for public art
The Stride logo consisting of the word “Stride” in large, blue letters.
The name for Sound Transit BRT, Stride, will be integrated into the design of the BRT system.

Experience the BRT shelter!

See what it's like to be at a Stride BRT station during the daytime and nighttime through our online interactive experience.

Follow the below steps:

Stride BRT station: Daytime

View graphic on MyLumion platform

Stride BRT station: Nighttime

View graphic on MyLumion platform

Community engagement

Sound Transit actively engages a variety of audiences, including neighborhood and community stakeholders, the general public, elected officials, partner agencies and the media.

Share your thoughts

Two Sound Transit representatives stand in a booth labeled “Next Stop: Bus Rapid Transit” with the Sound Transit logo on the tent. There are project area maps on either side of the booth and informational materials on the booth’s table.
Project team members tabling at a local event

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